Flipping Typical – Font Browser

My friend Mark sent me this site, and I actually really like it.  By default, it will show you the words “Flipping Typical” in most every major font set, all right there on screen.  You can use the text field at the top of the page to replace “Flipping Typical” with whatever word or phrase you want, then see that type instantly in the myriad of font sets on the page.

Say I want to know what the best font is for “Aristomenis Capogeannis, Go!”, as I know that’s the first thing you’d want to use it for.  All I need do is type in “Aristomenis Capogeannis, Go!” at the top, browse the page, and instantly realize that the best font for “Aristomenis Capogeannis, Go!” is apparently Comic Sans.  SIGH…

Check it out: http://www.flippingtypical.com/