Gen Y Facebook Fumbles

I found this a very interesting read.  I’ve learned the pitfalls in not being diligent about protecting your online persona, but being born into the internet age as has Generation Y makes it ever so harder to practice such diligence.

But, the most interesting part of the article to me is that “Armed Forces” is listed as one of the top 5 employers of Generation Y.  Now, it also says that the top 5 titles held by Generation Y are server, manager, sales associate, intern and owner.  Which of those are applicable to your employment with the Armed Forces?  I’m guessing manager.

Either way, disclose your public information on the internet, and to employers, at your own risk…

[via Life Inc.]

Microsoft Lays IE6 to Rest

ie6 150x150 Microsoft Lays IE6 to Rest

See ya!

It is embarrassing that a good number of solid companies still use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6.  I am talking about Fortune 500, “Best Place to Work” ranked companies running IE6 as their corporate browser.  That is just plain scary.

From a web designer’s perspective, I am quite happy to see the thing go.  How many times have I been stuck, unable to roll out a release because a current code standard is glitched when viewed in IE6?

I hope Microsoft digs a very big hole to bury IE6 in.

You can keep up on the current state of IE6’s last gasps throughout the world via the Internet Explorer 6 Countdown website:

[via] Your Micro Volunteering Source

My girlfriend suggested a site to me the other day and upon my first visit I was hooked. allows for non-profits to post creative needs they’d like filled, and design-minded individuals like myself the chance to volunteer efforts to fulfill those needs.

Within the first couple of days, I’d already designed ideas for wildlife preservation groups’ twitter backgrounds, suggested names for a vegan chat group and thrown together possibly the ugliest looking cycling jersey I’d ever seen in my genuine attempt at helping the American Lung Association.

If you are a non-profit in need of some design work, check them out.  If you are a creative individual looking to fill time, definitely check them out.